Yallourn Yallourn North
Football Netball Club

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Round 1 v Mirboo North- Away

Round 2 v Trafalgar- Home

Round 3 v Hill End- Home

Round 4 v Newborough- Away

Round 5 v Yinnar- Away

Round 6 v Boolarra- Home


Round 7 v Yarragon- Away (Home)

Round 8 v Thorpdale- Home

No Game- Queens Birthday Weekend

Round 9 v Morwell East- Away

Round 10 v Mirboo North- Home

Round 11 v Trafalgar- Away

Round 12 v Hill End- Away

Round 13 v Newborough- Home

Round 14 v Yinnar- Home

Round 15 v Boolarra- Away

Round 16 v Yarragon- Home

Round 17 v Thorpdale- Away

Round 18 v Morwell East- Home


Round 1 v Mirboo North


9.4.58 v 14.12.96

Best on Ground

1st Energy Australia – Jason Stevens

2nd Pascoe Homes – Marc Gore

3rd Tech Test – Adam Bailey

4th VB & Co – Tyler Brown

5th GBS Recruitment – Todd Dobson

6th Ashbys Electrical – Shane Galea



6.6.42 v 8.13.61

Best on Ground

1st Vella’s Cabinets & Maddison’s – Steven Gore

2nd Rossmore Hotel – Stephen Pearson

3rd Cattanach’s Butcher – Shannon Smith

4th Social Card – Ryan Keyhoe

5th Greg Hay Remedial Massage – Luke Nelson

6th Gypsy’s Pizza – Andrew Shaw


A Grade

26 v 59

Best on Court

1st Club Award & Maddison’s – Jess Baillie

2nd Rossmore Hotel – Allison Dixon

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Chelsea Gore


B Grade

14 v 38

Best on Court

1st MIA’s –   Monika Zakic

2nd Image’s – Danni Reid

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Ashlee Johnson


C Grade

16 v 33

Best on Court

1st Social Card – Jodie Smith

2nd Kylie Sellings Massage  - Amelia Vincent

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Bec Negus

D Grade

24 v 23

Best on Court

1st Greg Hay Remedial Massage   –  Jess Webb

2nd Cattanach’s Butcher – Amy Cooper

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Sally Fraser


3.9.27 v 8.10.58

Best on Ground

1st BJ Bearings – Dylan Bath

2nd Gilmour Motors – Daniel Martini

3rd Gypsy’s Pizza – Chris Mathe

4th Newborough Pizza – Rohan Reid

5th Chicken Micks – Lochlan Carr

6th Canteen Award – Kyle Attard



1.0.6 v 16.28.118

Best on Ground

1st Hat Trick Embroidery -  Aaron Lowater

2nd Alstrom – Ryan Lacey

3rd Newborough Pizza – Hayden McDonald

4th Chicken Micks – Sage Pearless

5th CNMS Fish and Chip Award – James De Riter

6th Canteen Award – Josh Anderson


17 & Under

8 v 42

Best on Court

1st Canteen Award – Chelsea McConahy

2nd Newborough Pizza – Kelsey Julin

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Erin Byrne


15 & Under

33 v 20

Best on Court

1st Canteen Award – Sophee Hamilton

2nd Newborough Pizza – Maddison Rohde

Encouragement Fitness 4 U – Jasmyn Selmes